The Wallace High School Pre-Prep gives younger children their all-important introduction to the learning environment.

The early years are critical in terms of successful intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative development. At Wallace, we provide a very effective introduction to those concepts that are central to successful learning without subjecting the children to any feeling of pressure; learning is presented to these young children in an enjoyable, easily assimilated way.

We recognise that all pupils have different talents and strive to ensure that every pupil has an equal opportunity to find and develop the talents they do possess.

Our Pre School Teacher, Mrs Jackson plans the structure of our Pre-Prep activities carefully in order to develop the children’s self-confidence and nurture an enjoyment of school. The addition of social experience and plenty of play provide a fully rounded educational foundation during the vital early years.

Children will have the opportunity to:
• explore the immediate environment handle and use various materials.
• appreciate the value of books
• acquire communication and mathematical skills
• gain enjoyment from the company of other children
• begin to solve problems

Benefits of The Wallace High School Pre-Prep

Our experienced team shapes the curriculum to suit children’s needs and interests to ensure they leave us as confident, well-prepared and highly motivated learners.

Why choose The Wallace High School?

We have small class sizes – the session is capped at 15 pupils (24 from 2023/2024). The staff ratio of 1:8 enables us to personalise the learning for your child.

We are a purpose built facility with access to all the Preparatory and Grammar school facilities.

We are surrounded by playing fields, tennis courts, nature areas and lots of open and planned playing space.

Our Pastoral Care is second to none because every single child in the school is known to all and valued for their individual characteristics. All achievements are celebrated.

In our nurturing environment we are quickly able to identify strengths and areas for development.

The partnership between home and school is valued.

To arrange a walk around please contact Alternatively, you can contact us on 028 9267 2311.

Admission Criteria Pre-Prep

  1. ​Pupils who have a brother or sister enrolled in the Preparatory Department.
  2. Pupils whose twin or triplet sibling(s) has (have) been admitted.
  3. Pupils whose parent(s) is/are currently in permanent employment in The Wallace High School.
  4. Pupils who have a brother or sister who attend The Wallace High School.
  5. Pupils who have a parent who was a pupil of The Wallace High School.
  6. All other pupils.